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3 Game College Football Predictions Week 3 Edition

Why should anyone listen to my picks? Easy, just like all experts I have all the nessicary tools to school the uneducated masses. What are those tools you ask? Well I was trying to keep them a secret but if you must know all you need is an Internet connection and a blog.

The sure pick this week:

#3 Oklahoma at Washington.

No need for the official to blow this game. Although who knows with it being Oklahoma remember the Oregon win a few years ago? I’ll still stand by my pick and hope the refs are on their best behavior.

Final Score: Oklahoma 41          Washington 10.


The upset of the week: UCLA at #15 BYU.

I believe that Slick Rick is going to get UCLA in title contention in a few years and it hurts me to say that as a CU Buffs fan. I do not have faith that BYU is that great of a team. They can show me a lot in this game but I don’t see them beating UCLA. After that Rick Neuheisel will jump on his chopper to go recruit some more high school kids.

Final Score: UCLA 28       #15 BYU 24


The game of the week: #5 Ohio State at #1 USC

College football is finally here. No more big boys beating down their little brothers. This week has a few games that could go here. I think Kansas and South Florida would easily be the game of the week if it didn’t happen to be these two schools playing one another. I think Beanie Wells is hurt more than people are letting on. If Terrell Pryor was the starting QB and had a year under his belt I think this would be a much closer game but that is not the case.

Final Score: #1 USC 37         #5 Ohio State 17


P.S. Since I mentioned the Kansas vs. South Florida game I’ll give one additional score.

Final Score: #18 South Florida 24        #11 Kansas 17

I would have had that game as my upset of the week but it appears South Florida is the favorite.


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2007 Replay of the OU vs CU Game on Comcast channel 414 this Saturday

Great game. Hopefully homecoming will be as good this year!

Go Buffs!

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