Colorado is the best!

Wow! Freakin’ Wow!

I’ve just had two amazing weeks in this great state.

Last weekend I hit up Glenwood Springs. I went to Hanging Lake. One of the most beautiful places in the world. It is quite a hike to get up there but well worth the trip. After this we stayed at the Glenwood Springs Lodge and Pool. It was the perfect ending to be in that nice warm pool after such a long hike. I have to thank my mom for the great birthday present sending Kelsey and I up there.

Hanging Lake

Hanging Lake

So why am I talking about my vacation on a football blog? Am I that much of a narcissist?

Nope! Well at least I don’t think I am. I’ll put up a picture of myself to prove I’m not:

Me behind Hanging Lake Waterfall

Me behind Hanging Lake Waterfall

While I was in the beauty that is Colorado I became perplexed on how we are not constantly in the top 5 for recruiting. I won’t put us as number 1 because I understand what schools such as Miami and USC bring to the table but how is it that we are out recruited on a regular basis by schools such as Ohio State and Nebraska. I do understand the tradition of those schools brings a lot to the table but when you are looking for a mate do you choose the girl who has been “around” for a while or would you rather have the best looking girl at the party?

If anyone reading this has not had the experience of visiting Boulder I would highly recommend seeing what a wonderful campus we have here. Make sure you travel just a few miles south and see Eldorado Springs. Its is one of my favorite places to visit and only a 20 minute drive from my house.  I cannot imagine a recruit visiting and not being wowed when they leave.

Picture of Eldorado Springs from my balcony

Picture of Eldorado Springs from my balcony

Oh and thanks for the huge B-day win Buffs. If we could only play every year on the birthday.


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