Hello, my name is Dale and I’m a Homer.

It is hard for me to say those words. I like to think that I am unbiased and reasonable but in reality I believe the Buffs will win the National Championship. The Broncos will dominate the NFL and bring the Lombardi trophy back to Denver. The Rockies will pull off another great end of year run to make the playoffs. The Nuggets will….well….ummm….okay the Avs can still win the Stanley Cup.

Well guess what? There is absolutely nothing wrong with thinking this way. Maybe if I was getting paid for my opinions I would tone it down a bit. But those thoughts would still be in the back of my head.

Isn’t that the point of sports, to fill us with hope and joy? I won’t be angry or mad if West Virgina beats the Buffs on Sept 18th but I believe that the Buffs will pull out a huge upset in the John Denver Bowl.

Being a homer gets you ridiculed a lot. Most of the people who make fun or rip on your ideas are either homers themselves just for another team or people who don’t truly enjoy sports. I know a guy who says he is a huge Nuggets fan but he spends the whole game yelling and screaming at the players on the television. The words he says cannot be repeated in case any young ones are reading this. At the end of the game if the Nuggets are the victors he is giving out high fives and saying how great of a job they did. If they just lost he continues his yelling for about a half hour. Can this really be giving him more joy than stress? The kid probably takes a month off his life every time he watches a game.

I will never questions any person’s “fanhood” because i don’t really know if he is a better or worse fan than me because of the way that he acts. I can see arguments for both sides. What upsets me is that these types question my “fanhood” by calling me a homer. That I don’t think the home team can do any wrong.

 Of course my teams do not always play well. The Buffs and Iowa State last year is a great example. But I would prefer not to rip on the teams I love for every little thing they do wrong. I love watching the game and having hope that everything will turn out right.

Maybe it is because I was raised by Disney and everything always comes out right. Darrell Scott, I mean, Prince Charming will find me one day.


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One response to “Hello, my name is Dale and I’m a Homer.

  1. John Denver Bowl, good stuff.

    And I think that Iowa State game took a month off my life…if I see Clete Blakeman I’ll fight him

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